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About Anya

We shot in Anya's tiny room in a big college campus. It was a bit cramped in that little space but we managed to get some good lighting by the big window.

Keep your eye out in the next few weeks for Anya's Twin sister Kimmy.

Age: 21
Height: 160cm
City: Melbourne
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Computers

Photosets: Tiny on Top (18 Oct 2004, 38 pics), Tiny on the Bottom (19 Oct 2004, 40 pics)
Videos: 13 minutes 30 seconds 113.30 MB 3 video clips

Synopsis: Anya had just the previous night been to a Deb Ball for her University, and tells ua a bit about that. She also has travelled through America, though not in the best of circumstances.

She may not be all that big on top, but she still wears a bra. Here you can see her collection, though they aren't a very wide variety. And she's got one of those big inflatable... things. You know. That you do stuff with.

Anya's closet in her dorm room is jampacked, including her graduation robes! And did you know she was a competent firedancer? Well here she proves it, only without any flames on display.

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